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HontenKikuichi Headquarters, Nara Park, Japan

Welcome to Kikuichi knives, the premier Japanese knife company. Our company has a history of bladesmithing dating back to the days of the Samurai. While we have been producing superior kitchen cutlery for more than 150 years, the origins of our company go back to 13th century when the emperor Go-toba chose our family ancestor, Shiro Kanenaga, to be one of his swordsmiths. Because of the quality of his blades he was granted the right to use the royal symbol of the Chrysanthemum flower or Kiku-no-mon as a mark of their excellence on his blades. This symbol is still recognized in Japan for its connection to the royal family and you will find the Chrysanthemum flower on all our cutlery. Today Shiro Kanenaga's hand forged swords are considered national treasures in Japan and are on display at Seikado Bunko Art Museum in Tokyo.
For the next several hundred years our family manufactured samurai swords. When the Meiji Revolution brought an end to the samurai era in 1868 our company was reinvented as a maker of smaller blades in the form of kitchen knives, or Hōchō (包丁).
Ikuyo Yanagisawa is the fourth generation owner of the company and she continues to lead in the fine tradition of her ancestors.
Continuing the tradition of our ancestors, our blades are hand forged, hand sharpened and assembled and finished by expert craftsmen, many of them following in their father’s footsteps and continuing family traditions dating back hundreds of years.
When you open the box of a Kikuichi knife you can be sure that the hands of at least 5 Japanese master craftsmen contributed to the object you’re now holding, and that we stand behind the quality of the materials and craftsmanship 100%.
When you purchase a piece of Kikuichi cutlery, you will own a piece of history and craftsmanship like no other.
We offer a selection of over one hundred knives and scissors for both private and professional use.
The legacy of Shiro Kanenaga, our illustrious ancestor, is represented in our company's full name: Kikuichi-Monjyu-Shiro-Kanenaga Kikuichi means "first chrysanthemum," and Monjyu the Buddha that Shiro Kanenaga worshipped in his hometown of Nara. Our headquarters is in the world famous Nara park. We encourage you to visit our store there and meet our family. We love to host visitors and the greatest honor is when customers recognize the quality of our knives and bring them into their kitchens to use and cherish for generations.