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Kikuichi, New York Inc.


Kikuichi Cutlery celebrates 20 years of their knife retail and restaurant in Nara Park.
September 2017

Join Kikuichi Cutlery for a unique look into their production techniques with the master knife making craftsmen who make Kikuichi knives in their family tradition which goes back over 1200 years.

If you are in the Kansai region in late September please let us know and please join us for these unique events.

Sep 23rd

Artisianl knife making workshop visit  9:00am~11:00am

Watch and experience forging process of the highest quality knives

See for yourself the process through which a bar of carbon steel is turned into a knife blade, why it’s so sharp, and how a piece of wood becomes a handle!





Forging Demonstration at Kikuichi Japan  11:00am~12:00pm / 1:00pm~2:00pm

Watch live forging process of knives at Kikuichi Honten. Kikuichi’s flagship store in Nara Park


10:00 am  Praying at Nogami shrine to celebrate the knife makers

11:00 am  Forging Demonstration including knife finishing and assembly

1:00 pm  Forging Demonstration including knife finishing and assembly

Nogami Shrine

Photos from our 2012 demonstration at our 45th anniversary.