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Kikuichi Cutlery SEM Series Semi-Stainless Gyuto. High carbon stainless steel chef's knife available in 21 cm, 24 cm, and 27 cm.

OUTLET - SEM Series Semi-Stainless Gyuto

SEM210 Outlet
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Many chefs love a carbon steel blade edge but enjoy the easy maintenance of stainless steel. The SEM series is the best of both worlds. This high carbon stainless steel in this series performs like a carbon steel blade without the worry of rust. Strong and substantial without feeling heavy, this blade takes a fine grained edge and holds it well.

CAUTION - Due to high carbon content, the blade may patina

Outlet item - Chipped wood around rivets and/or minor scratches on blade

Blade Single Steel
Proprietary Semi-Stainless High Carbon Steel
HRC 61
Bevel Double
Bevel Angle Ratio 50:50
Handle Stabilized Wood