Kikuichi Cutlery Tsuchime Damascus 45 layer Ho-wood handle (WGAH Series) Sujihiki. Slicing knife made with AUS10 stainless steel and Damascus finish. Available in 25 cm.

WGAH Series Tsuchime Damascus 45 layer Ho-wood Sujihiki

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Marrying fantastic 45 layers of Damascus steel with an AUS10 edge with the beautiful hand hammered Tsuchime finish, the WGAH Series is a true piece of artisan craftsmanship. The handles are made by a master shop in Sakai Japan and crafted from the most traditional handle materials in Japan, Ho-wood and water buffalo horn ferrule. The WGAH series is a top of the line workhorse. With a traditional Ho-wood handle and hammered (Tsuchime) 45 layer blade, this is a knife that looks great and can tackle anything in the kitchen.

Hand engraved with the Kikuichi chrysanthemum logo.

Saya included.

Blade 45 Layers
Edge AUS10
Layers Nickel: 11 Layers
SUS410: 6 Layers
J1 Stainless: 5 Layers
HRC 60
Bevel Double
Bevel Angle Ratio 50:50
Handle Octagonal Wa Handle
Japanese Magnolia
Ebony Ferrule