Kasumitogi Series - Outlet

Kasumitogi Series - Outlet

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Outlet Item - Does NOT include Saya

Kasumitogi single bevel traditional series. Hand forged in the swordmaking tradition from two pieces of steel. Professional lifespan: 5yrs+

Blade - 2 layers hand forged together make this a true handmade knife. With a harder steel for the blade edge and a softer steel for the tang side. White Carbon #3 steel makes up the blade edge, while softer Jigane Carbon steel makes up the back and tang.

Left handed bevel is available on request please contact us for pricing

Handle - Traditional “D” shaped wa handle featuring Japanese Magnolia and water buffalo horn ferrule.

HRC     61-62

Bevel Angle Ratio     Single Bevel


*PRO TIP: Always hand wash and dry knives. Use caution when cutting anything that may contain bones, pits, seeds, hard pieces or was previously frozen