Tsuchime Damascus 45 layer Ho-wood Set

Tsuchime Damascus 45 layer Ho-wood Set

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Set includes WGAH15 6.0 inch / 15 cm Petty & WGAH18 7.0 inch / 18 cm Santoku

Come in decorative gift box

The WGAH series is a top of the line workhorse. With a traditional Ho-wood handle and hammered (Tsuchime) 45 layer blade, this is a knife that looks great and can tackle anything in the kitchen.

Blade - 45 layers with a core of Swedish Nickel stainless with 22 layers on each side consisting of 11 layers of Nickel, 6 layers of SUS410 and 5 layers of J1 steel to create the Damascus pattern and the hand hammered tsuchime finish which helps release food that might stick to the blade. Hand hammering means each blade is unique.

Hand engraved with the Kikuichi chrysanthemum logo.

Handle - Traditional octagonal wa handle featuring Japanese Magnolia and water buffalo horn ferrule

HRC     60

Bevel Angle Ratio     50:50

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