Kikuichi Cutlery Warikomi Tsuchime V10 (WGAT Series) Petty. Made with VG10 stainless steel and hammered finish. Available in 15 cm.

WGAT Series Warikomi Tsuchime V10 Petty

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Sleek and stylish 3 layers of no-nonsense, These are hand hammered and ground thin for a super fine edge of VG10 super steel. The Warikomi Tsuchime V10 Series maintains the hammered finish of our popular 3-layer WGAD knives, but at a more affordable price point. The hand hammered tsuchime finish helps release food from the blade and makes each knife unique.

Hand engraved with the Kikuichi chrysanthemum logo.

Blade 3 Layers
Edge VG10
Layers Low Carbon Stainless Steel: 2 Layers
Decarburization Prevention Between Layers
HRC 62
Bevel Double
Bevel Angle Ratio 50:50
Handle Wood