Kikuichi Cutlery Kasumi Series Deba. Traditional Japanese boning knife for fish made of white #2 carbon steel.  Available in sizes 10 cm, 12 cm, 13 cm, 15 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 21 cm, and 24 cm.

Kasumi Series Deba

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Kasumi our most popular traditional single bevel series. Hand forged in the sword making tradition from two pieces of steel, the Kasumi series are ideal knives for chefs wanting a higher level of quality. The harder steel holds its edge longer resulting in a true professional knife.

Hand engraved with the Kikuichi chrysanthemum logo.

Comes with Saya.

Professional Lifespan 7-10 Years
Blade 2 Layers; Hand Forged
Edge White #2 Carbon Steel
Spine Soft Carbon Steel
HRC 61-64
Bevel Single
Handle “D” Shaped Wa Handle
Japanese Magnolia
Water Buffalo Ferrule
(Ebony handle available request)

Please contact us for left-handed pricing and availability as well as custom orders.

CAUTION - Always hand wash and dry knives. Use caution when cutting anything that may contain bones, pits, seeds, hard pieces, or was previously frozen