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Kokaji White Carbon Kiritsuke 3 Knife Set

Kokaji White Carbon Kiritsuke 3 Knife Set

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The Kokaji White Carbon series is unique and well crafted. Completely hand forged knives by the famed Kokajikai knife makers in Sakai, the 3 layer blades feature fantastic geometry, edge retention and an eye catching kiritsuke tip. The petty and gyuto shapes have highly versatile double bevel edge while the yanagi has been created with a more traditional single bevel.

Hand engraved with the Kikuichi chrysanthemum logo.

Saya included

Blade 3 Layers; Hand Forged
Kiritsuke Tip
Edge White #2 Carbon Steel
Spine SK Carbon Steel
HRC 61-62
Bevel Single (Yanagi)
Double (Petty and Gyuto)
Handle Wa Handle
Japanese Magnolia
Water Buffalo Ferrule

CAUTION - Blade will patina and may rust if left wet. This is NOT a stainless steel.