Style & Usage

Most traditional Japanese knives have a one-sided (single bevel) carbon steel blade with a Ho-wood (Japanese Magnolia) handle, and a water buffalo horn ferrule. Our knives are made in Sakai, Japan where 95% of traditional Japanese knives are made.

Yanagi, Deba and Usuba are the three most common styles.

The Yanagi is what most people think of as a sushi knife. It is the most popular knife among Japanese sushi chefs. A long, thin and sharp blade is ideal for slicing delicate fish.

The Deba is used for butchering  a whole fish. A wide and thick blade is ideal for cutting through the fish skin and bones, when taking apart a whole fish

The Usuba is a slicing knife used mostly for preparing vegetables, although in a western kitchen it is more all purpose its thin and wide blade is perfect for delicate slicing and chopping. There are three style of Usuba, the Azumagata with its rectangular style is the most popular, Hishigata has a  pointed blade and Kamagata looks more like a scythe. The shapes are regional and some chefs prefer a particular shape.

Other traditional blade types:

Takohiki sushi knife is essentially Yanagi with a square tip.

Fuguhiki has the same shape as Yanagi, but it has a thinner blade. The Fuguhiki is traditionally used for creating ultra-thin slices of Fugu (Puffer fish) sashimi.

There are special knives used for Tuna and other large fish, while we do sell and make these knives they are special order. Please contact us for more information for specialty blades.

We also produce modern knives that are sharpened on both sides (double bevel). These include Western chef style knives, Gyuto, as well as japanese slicers, Sujihiki, Usuba and butchering knives like the Honesuki. 

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